I was born on January 6th, 1991 in Saint-Petersburg. Growing up with paint brushes in my hands. My first paintings were done on the walls of my house and on birthday cards for my family. 


My parents didn’t leave my passion for art unnoticed, and at the age of 8 I started attending Art School where I focused on Painting  and Sculpture for the next 8 years. I liked to play with clay and feel myself as a Creator. What a great feeling! You can touch, you can build, play with sizes and it takes quite a time while it’s drying, burning and colouring –  it’s a big deal.


After high school, I went to University of Technology and Design to continue my studies in a full-time degree program. That time I travelled many countries and was lucky to meet variety of people who inspired me to draw all of the time in scetch book.


But I've been always dreaming about some innocent and tropic place where I can start bigger projects. One day I found an Island where the stars are so big and bright that you can really feel the space, you just need to look up. Where inspiration is coming from the nature and friendly people.


This place is Bali and I'm so happy to be here, in this messy business, in my studio.